Services offered

In consultation with the researcher we provide advice on the strategy and construct design for generating the mouse strain tailor-made to answer a biological question using the GEMM-ESC pipeline. Depending on the complexity and workload a practical plan is devised to reach that goal and in some case might involve participation of the researcher in cloning and/or ESC culture. A selection of our services is listed below and include cryopreservation of new and existing strains. Please visit our web portal, GEMreport, to request a consultation for a new mouse strain and get a quotation.

DNA services

  • Generation of targeting and Flp-in constructs
  • Design screening PCRs for targeting constructs

ESC services

  • ESC re-derivation and cryogenic storage
  • ESC quality testing
  • Targeting and Flp-in of ESCs
  • PCR and Southern blot screening

Transgenic services

  • ESC micro-injection/generation of chimeric mice
  • Zygote injection; RNA and/or DNA injection
  • Cryopreservation – sperm
  • Cryopreservation – embryo

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