Services offered

The MCCA Imaging Unit offers a full service package for researchers interested in incorporating imaging into their research. The services offered consist of the following:

  • Nuclear imaging: Radiotracers are obtained through the nuclear medicine department. Depending on the tracer, either PET/CT or SPECT/CT can be used.
  • Multimodal imaging: In addition to PET/CT and SPECT/CT, it is possible to have registered PET/MRI data via the multimodal bed. The multimodal bed allows for transfer between the PET/CT and 1T MRI without moving the mouse.
  • High resolution MRI: The 7T MRI provides high resolution imaging of the brain, tumor, abdomen, and other parts of the mouse body. The MRI also measure tumor characteristics through diffusion, perfusion, and spectroscopy.
Advanced analysis: In addition to imaging acquisitions, the MCCA Imaging Unit offers analysis solutions for researchers. A suite of advanced analysis software is available to provide the most comprehensive analysis of images for all the imaging modalities available at NKI.

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