Description of facility

The Aging and Phenotyping facility can accommodate at any given time 10,000 mice that are held in Individually Ventilated Cages (IVC racks) in several holding rooms. It has recently been decided to incorporate the MCCA Aging and Phenotyping Facility within the Central Animal Facility on the UMCG campus. The facility will be split into two sections, a double barrier part where life-span studies will be carried out and multiple mouse strains will be aged to a maximum of 24 months, There will be one procedure room in this section where simple experiments can be carried out. Experiments requiring interventions by the researchers will be carried out in a special section with a single barrier. All animals will be SOPF. Aged animals can also be transferred to other parts of the building, such as for instance the animal facility of Brains-on-Line ( for specific experiments.

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